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We are launching out a big profile platform that would explode in the next couple of years. Presently, we are giving out great opportunity for income as we open this program. A promotional offer for pioneers.

This is our unbelievable offer!

#1,000 Instead of #7,500 (One Thousand Naira) can change your life. Guaranty or Money Back

If you register now, we would show you how your modest #1,000 can leverage to earn you millions of naira with ease (if you grow with us) without putting in another dime (possible through leveraging, crowdfunding and law of pioneers). This offer is for a limited time until we have achieved our target/mark. This is with money back guaranty if you don’t begin to earn income from the moment; and this will keep growing with time.

Register as basic member now as the promotion runs. Once it closes, you will need to pay for upgrade of membership privileges. But if you do it now, you will upgrade without financial commitment into any of higher membership categories.

Basic membership category is the first stage in our social enterprise community; and the most important for you to realize your financial freedom dream. Your upgrade with #7,500.00 is covered if you register now.

Members have different levels of access and opportunities as we grow but everyone starts as a Basic Member. Your moment of rising through the platform starts now. Our promise: If you take advantage of the promotion period, you are guaranty to grow through the process depending on your desire.

Members can take further plunge for more benefits:

Members can voluntarily come together to form a unit through pooled resources (this is optional) to achieve what they could not have done if they have done it as individuals; leveraging with each other for expertise, experience, fund and time. The members crowdfund towards a predetermined investment or business which is jointly managed at different levels following our Business Model peculiar to social enterprise system. We are not involved in expending any fund, we only offer Social Enterprise investment model to social group or help build new ones.

Members can also take advantage of their number to own jointly or individually communal farms, buy essential goods as groups, acquire real estate cheaply, etc. This is vital Third World intervention privilege.

If you join now, you potentially become a leader on jbi hub with the greatest ease. As we grow in number, opportunities open for all to access and to take advantage of. For instance, those who join earlier have more opportunities as early bird and automatically qualifies as Gold Members without having to register with #7500. If you cannot see the opportunities clearly, please read over and over again. Then join.

The promotion is still running, take advantage and become unstoppable as you rise through the system creating wealth and income.

This program can make you wealthy and very rich if carefully followed and understood. It is a model for unlocking wealth in a third world. You shall have special privilege if you register now at this promotional phase. Register with #1,000 to learn the concept of Social Enterprise development, become a member and be financially free. Money back guaranty if not satisfy.

The cost of becoming a member plus an online training on wealth creation using social enterprise model along with promotional incentives is #1000.00

You still want to gain more information on social enterprise, check on this link on SOCIAL ENTERPRISE or our JBI HUB Manual

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