Whether you are participating in the network through our business listing services or through the training programs, our drive is to raise very productive citizens whether as career persons, entrepreneurs or investors. Productive citizens rear up the growth of a nation’s economy. We focus more on creating clusters of businesses for those who join our network.

We believe every vocation, field and discipline of life can be converted into business, so when you join our network we see you as someone who want to make money and we help you see the concept of money making from the business side; therefore we are dedicated to raise clusters of Small and Medium Enterprises in their thousands through peer-to-peer mentoring (education) program and crowdfunding models.

When you register with #7,500 as a Gold member, you have the privilege of leveraging out on many opportunities running on

  1. You have opportunities to our business development programs and mentoring or the career development program through peer-to-peer system or through electronic medium with a mentor.
  2. You could open yourself for enlarged opportunities through our crowdfunding platform and investors-assisted funding if you’re involved in the business network development program.
  3. You have access to coupons for discount purchase on products displayed on the platform.
  4. You have opportunity to 20% discount of training and skills acquisition programs from our partners; both online and offline programs.
  5. You can sell any one thing on the platform like services, digital products, training, etc free of charge; and a premium product free of charge as we give you a dedicated web page for that.
  6. The loan desk is a crowd funding platform where we create pool of funds for those who want easy loans without collateral but based on depth of participation; and when loans are not taken, the sum accrued becomes your investment fund that yields interests from time to time. The loans are expected to be used for business development in order to qualifies you for the bigger advantages such as grants and investors-assisted supports which runs into millions of naira
  7. We give out a starting 750 shares which amount to #10 per share for every new member; and dividend is declared every six months; our minimum dividend is 20% per annum. So without inviting others you can still earn income here by increasing your share value through personal contribution.

Note: Your Gold membership and Silver membership are non-refundable because they are pooled into the marketing matrix. But your invested fund and dividend is fully yours if you have any

Those who are involved in the system have access to funds through:

  1. Member to member invitation fund or/and
  2. Personal monthly contribution into the investment funds as cooperative system (optional).
  3. Investment from investor members into adopted businesses
  4. Banks and financial institutions

Our organization excess fund will be used as investment in
1. Real Estate
2. Essential Product Distribution
3. Leveraged collateral free loans up to 3times your value, etc.

We use binary based algorithm in running this platform. It is intended to encourage participation and member-to-member invitation; nothing more. Although, basically the Gold membership registration is geared towards Virtual Empowerment Program or the Career Development Pack designed to raise productive and high performance individuals content delivered once weekly for 3-months; to evolve you into a very successful career person, entrepreneur, business owner and investor. If you’re in a location where we have scanty member, we may not be able to bring our offline time-to-time training and skill acquisition program to you; then you have to find us in any location we have a coordinator or be attended to by a peer.

Members who invite others are steps ahead others as stakeholders which thereby gives them access to small business loans and growing investment dividend using crowd funding principle.  YOU are expected to introduce a minimum of 2 persons before level 5 to unlock the full opportunities on this Social Enterprise platform (that is your major obligation) or follow our cooperative route. Any extra referral will cause a spill over.

We also help member to ultimately become VIP shareholders once they get to level 7.

Our direct maximum member to member loan without collateral stands at #300,000.00 while the leveraged loan is #900,000. Thereafter, #300,000 grant/cash gift is given after loan repayment which is based on your performance in inviting others into this family of entrepreneurs. The loan and cash gifts are expected to support businesses and ideas of members. Investors-assisted fund from this stage depends on the quality of your idea and structure of business.


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Levels              Factors            Min Worth                  Acquisition                 Cash/Loan

*Level 1:         2                        #4,500                         Power Bank                                

Level 2:           4                                                                        –                             #10,000

*Level 3:         8                       #21,500                       Solar Lamp                 #20,000/#60,000

Level 4:           16                                                                      –                             #30,000/#90,000

*Level 5:         32                     #50,000                       30’’ Flat Screen          #40,000/#120,000

Level 6:           64                                                                       –                            #70,000/#210,000

*Level7:          128                   #350,800                     Landed Property      #200,000/#600,000

After the repayment of #70,000×3 you shall have access to #200,000×3 and the last is #300,000×3 which is #900,000, after the repayment we shall make cash gift of #300,000.00. JBI Hub adopted businesses shall be further opened to another #1,000,000.00 grants or cash gifts if business is sustained for the next 1year. If your performance continue to soar you would be opened to unlimited fund from angel investors to as much as #10,000,000 loans.

Gift Incentives

Level 1: Power Bank

Level 3: Solar Lamp

Level 5: 32” Flat Screen Television or Laptop

Level 7: Land Gift worth #350,000

Car Gift are made to those who personally invite minimum of 100 people and 10 members of these get to Level 7 successfully.

More Opportunities

  • Empowerment Training/Mentoring Programs from time to time.
  • Opportunity to make millions from commission fees introducing our life essential goods to neighbours.
  • Converting your referrals from level 1 to level 7 into investment share for income earning from year to year.

Level 1: Power Bank

Level 1-5: Educational Empowerment Programs

Level 3: Solar Lamp

Level 5: 32″ Flat Screen Television worth #50,000 or Laptop

Level 7: Land Gift worth #350,000

Car Gift are made to those who personally invite 100 people to the program before completing Level 7 with 10 of these members getting to Level 7 successfully

As you complete the 7th level, you create an unlimited stream of income:

  1. Referral Bonus
  2. Essential goods gifts as incentive
  3. Income through the quantity of products you are able to move as a distributor
  4. Loan Privileges
  5. Continuous dividend on 10,000 shares upon completing 7th level

Earning is from platforms performance from time to time based on share values. The starting share value is N10 per share. The share value continues to grow with time as our investment grows. Become part-owner of JBI HUB, NIGERIA.

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