Coordinator’s Entry


JBI Concept is a big cake from which you can have a big bite; it depends on your level of involvement. The sure thing is that this is your avenue to make it BIG serving the needs of Nigerians in areas of life that matters most as regarding the creation and development of Jobs, Businesses and Investment solutions using our varieties of models.

On this premise, we want coordinators for our various social enterprise products drive as you follow our model to create your own financial freedom. Therefore, we need to show you: The Secret for Building the Mega Brand; this is a unique free training that qualifies you to become a coordinator at for million of naira possibility!

Be part of the driver of this mega concept.

Presently, we are recruiting coordinators:

Our first line of action is to have our coordinators trained to understand the principle of the Mega Corporation.

Therefore, we will be offering a short online training on:


  1. Shattering Your Belief
  2. The Rules to Abundance
  3. The basics to marketing
  4. The principles of the Mega Brand
  5. Where the Money lies
  6. The Facebook model
  7. The Millionaire opportunities in JBI Hub
  8. Social Enterprise model
  9. and many more

Without difficulties, if you apply the principles well you can scale up to earn millions of naira right on this platform.

All you need is a little fund as much as #100,000 to kick-start this wonderful program from any part of the country. Note: You are not handing over the fund. It is all you need to kick-start your income earning capacity from your community.

Apart from serving as a JBI Hub Coordinator, you can use these principles to move your business or idea from the backside to the limelight and make it instant winner applying the principle. The short training if well utilized will worth millions of naira to you in few years to come.

Here we are training coordinators-to-be the principles so that they can participate, understand and grow with JBI Hub as we make it a leading brand in the shortest time-frame.

Upon completion of the training, you should shoot your finances upward and re-position yourself as business and market leader and as a valuable team player.

Training opportunity will soon close so take advantage of this today.

The coordinators are offered immense ongoing opportunities. This includes: Leadership development, social enterprise community benefits, challenging opportunities for growth, etc. The coordinators have huge opportunities to be accorded to them… Take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

This will change your financial life if you act now. Don’t be afraid, you don’t need money, it is free for the first 100 people!

We need 100 people to train one-to-one and absolutely free on how to use our design to make couples of millions of naira using a simple process.

We want brilliant team here

Take Up Any of These Responsibilities

  1. Sign up members to YOUR social community or
  2. Sign up members to our premium crowd funding system and business mentoring program
  3. Own a complete income process either way.

    Required Qualifications

  1. OND/Bachelor degree
  2. Outstanding Presentation skill
  3. Outstanding persuasive skills
  4. Relationship skill is a plus
  5. A leader of social groups like: Cooperatives, Clubs, Religious Groups, Unions, Associations, Trades or Artisan Groups.
  6. A keen interest in the e-commerce industry

What we are offering

  1. Unparalleled Commissions and ownership status of some of our programs
  2. Residual income system possibly in millions of naira yearly through YOUR social group.
  3. Residual income system possibly in millions of naira yearly through our business development network system.
  4. A system that could be run on part-time.


Then send your WhatsApp number to 08033750871 and be booked for immediate training concerning the promotion of our programs.


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