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  • Content developers: They shall contribute contents, programs, businesses and products for online or offline sales that offers business development  services, digital products and solutions.  They do not sell physical goods so it makes it convenient to help them collect funds as we create payment gateway for their services. Set your price and begin to make money. Once you have any service that can sell for money, you can run with us as a content developer. Bring it on board and make money from it. Payment is effected immediately you complete task.

Products acceptable in this category here include virtual programs, digital products, general services, legal services, marketing, etc. Physical products are not accepted in this category.

You can post any product or content (as many as you want) on your page. You earn 70% on any business product you sell on this website; always be sure you leave 30% commission margin on products for marketing purpose. Examples of products to be listed on our shop page include: audio, audiovisuals, art, How-to-do manual, E-book, consultancy, advisory services, How-to do anything services, online course, online products and several other services. Begin to make money as a partner by posting your business products that solves business questions. It will be approved before it is made public. Turn your idea into a service and begin to make money through it. The sky is your limit.

Information required include features, descriptions, benefits, prices, phone numbers, how to get the services across, contact, etc.

You can set any price on your content.


List your service and begin to make money, and we will make public after reviewing your unique shop page

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