Based on the concept of Bottom-Up program discussed in The Game Changer for National Transformation book launch of 6th February 2020, we have developed an emerging economic model of Social Enterprise program (SMART WEALTH) for societal transformation through a favourable economic shift to the grassroots by consolidating their gains through involvement and engagement of the lower strata as we foster clusters of social enterprise hubs within social circles.

We believe that this project will be one of the great legacies our generation will leave behind if given due attention and commitment it deserves as we rally to make it true.

The odds are stacked against the poor and the middle class as those at the grass-root. The only sustainable platform to start them on a meaningful economic freedom is through SOCIAL ENTERPRISE (S.E.) HUB formation as reflected on global practice.

The vision is to build a new economically virile nation by creating competing products, businesses, investment products for global consumption. This can only be achieved by aggregation principle as being practiced in Dubai and by Chief Obafemi Awolowo in the old Western region of Nigeria. This is the means for moving an economy from consumerist system to a production centered economy.



In view of emerging global practice as becoming popular in India, Brazil, and Dubai and recently in Rwanda, Social Enterprise practice of one form or the other is becoming a fundamental driver of the economy of these nations and many other emerging economies of the world. See the attached certification from The World Bank Group.

The challenges of small scale businesses and individuals are solved when many small fund owners and individuals come together or merge thereby having access to virtually all the facilities the rich and wealthy have at their disposal; and the grass-root have something more: the number (population) factor.

The idea is to create clusters of independent business ventures and investment platforms that are sustainable; as it is an emerging concept whereby low income earners, businesses, workers, investors, etc could come together to build common platform, leveraging on each others’ resources to compete favourably with the giants in the industry.

Social Enterprise is a way of engaging citizens in their own wealth creation by creating mega platforms that reduce the production inputs in order to have a reasonable output in the form of Return on Investment (R.O.I.) with supports from stakeholders and interest groups. Effective use of Social Enterprise system is a way of building sustainable opportunities to serve a community or people. Therefore, any government that wants to make significant impression in the 21st Century will give this concept of bottom-up outreach much consideration.

Due to its engagement through the ranks, it is one of the less expensive means of tackling a community economic challenge than the old top-down system engaged by government and private sectors to lift the grass-root. Social Enterprise offers a revolutionary empowerment platform with primary focus of raising opportunities, jobs, businesses and investments by coming together within social groups and leveraging on each other’s resources for improved lifestyles of everyone engaged.

The system we have is to unlock billions across the nation for productive purpose and with inherent delivery of economic activities; this project is believed will yield to the nation, government and people one of the highest return on investment (R.O.I.) and economic impact.

The purpose of this project is to create a cross-linkage between social groups in delivering on economic growth by making a shift from consumerist lifestyle to productive activities.

Based on The World Bank Group posture to SDG, which is a built-up on MDG design, it is believed that every economy has what it takes to come out of the rut of economic depression. We believe that the nation, groups and organizations we represent has the capacity to create its own wealth through meaningful engagements.

The Post-Covid19 era requires such earnest intervention as this to keep the sail of abundance by looking inward.

In our Social Enterprise concept, we have units of business products around a process. Each unit will be like a plugin to a central control; the central control shall be our platform; and in a way to ensure transparency and individual organizations represented don’t abuse its power against the good of its constituency.

This model has the capacity to attract funding and supports from the government, banks, corporations and international communities such as The World Bank/IFC; thus unlocking more funds and bringing about inflow of capital to where it is most needed (capital flow into places where there is economic activities). In addition, a social enterprise has the advantage of multiple streams of investors and funders ranging from government, individuals and international agencies.

Case Study:

When farmers come together they gain advantages of security, possibility of mechanization, shared experiences and knowledge, processing becomes easier to get, funding is possible where this aggregation is formal and the ease of up-takers is made possible. The list of the merit is not exhaustive.

Our Native Interest

African economy is hugely dependent on Agriculture, if we would rise we are going to consolidate on gains around land and agric; we would not miss it having our R&D taking starting on this front:

  • Real Estate
  • Farm Estate
  • Agro-allied businesses
  • Produce & Exportation

Then other areas would follow over time

Why we are undertaking this project is premised on our belief that the citizens have the capacity to transform their world and reposition the economy using world class model.

Money flows to where we have economic activities.

The Unit Cost of Participation is #100,000

(You can buy many units)


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0040126306


For comprehensive proposal, download the document below


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