SMART WEALTH is your path to financial freedom through capacity development, financial models and blueprint designs to help each person gun for his or her own financial freedom at ones pace. We wouldn't get there at the same time, but we could all get there. We know that bulk of our population don't have stable or guarantee retirement benefits which is coupled to government's ineptitude to secure the citizens future through holistic approach; yet we can all design our future each. We believe each person holds the responsibility to determine their financial future.

Our core drive is to help you design your financial freedom pathway by creating a social cluster for job, business and investment creation along with mentoring and guidance program for Associates. This we achieve through peer-to-peer programs. Here we learn and apply principles of wealth, finance and business sustainability, funding and business aggregation system, all in practical form to build a new economy. In addition, the platform affords the masses come together and leverage on each other's resources and efforts for better life for all.

As an added advantage to subscribers, our business listing page will further grant members and others windows to showcase their businesses and products free of charge. Verify listing by registering for our Basic Service

Money is a creation, therefore, we are dedicating this hub as a platform for creating wealth through enhanced productivity of subscribers as they take advantage of it from marketing services, training, business incubation, mentoring and investments. We have stable system for turning individuals from meagre income to multiple income source. We also offer key information and design to help you raise fund or expand your business position (visit our compensation page). It is time we wake up and realize that our continual growth and relevance is not in the hand of the government but in our collaborations through productive ventures especially geared through social enterprise (aggregation) system. This will lead to more jobs, businesses and investments at mega levels.

We collaborate to create expanded income system through a social synergy, fund and production aggregation thereby creating enterprise and investment platforms; and at the same time run an open source linkage i.e. anybody can take advantage of the system and build his wealth from it. Social enterprise development is the secret to solving myriads of national problems relating to the economy, investment, business growth and joblessness. The vision is to build Nigeria together and make Africa great by creating competing products, businesses, investments at global level.

List of some of our activities:

1. Building verified lists of members, career personnel and businesses.
2. Empowerment contents and mentoring of members.
3. Incubating, developing, raising and adopting businesses
4. Creating a marketing or distribution channel for moving essential goods
5. Raising investors who in turn invest into adopted businesses.

SMART WEALTH is a platform from the stable of Fireword Resources as the developer and initiated by The Game Changer Project platform.