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Based on intrinsic economic and productivity principles inherent in the book, THE GAME CHANGER FOR NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION, we have come up with effective economic program for the nation and made available to individuals and groups.

We hereby present a Game Changer concept of social enterprise community which we want your organization to benefit from. The design of the program is to raise enterprise hub through social participation with sub units at every recognized existing platforms.

The intention is to create listing services, business and marketing platform that increase economic activities around us and thereby leading to more prosperous society over the years. Over time, we would be offering economic opportunities, advisory programs, training, and many more for member organization.

We are making available several training on finance, business and leadership for members through coordinators and resource persons, and offering several crowding platforms for economic growth for social unit and members.

Among the foreseeable benefits with large membership growth include: social business development, loans from governments, supports from multilateral development banks (MDBs) like World Bank and AfDB, Foundations and philanthropy organizations. All these benefits can only be accessed if we are able to grow into large organized platform. Our goal is to have minimum of 500 members per unit in 1000 locations in Nigeria.

This is one of our big profile LEARN & EARN platform created specifically to make you financially free through coordinated and certain process. The principle taught here have never failed anyone and it is the secret that will help you get ahead and possibly help you grow wealthy in due time.

What we have at this basic level are: materials/contents for enhancing citizens capacity especially for wealth creation along with some performance enhancement contents for career members.


One of the biggest problem of Nigerian employers is getting quality employee to fit into the available jobs. It isn’t that we don’t have well educated and skillful people around, but the way many go about the work is the very reason for low productivity and performance on the job. If there is a program to help workers to transform their performance in an amazing way, this is the program.

Nigerian workforce is not performance oriented on the average. This culture of non-performance is what has contributed to low productivity output and directly impacting on the growth and development of our economy. Therefore, we have contents for optimum performance to aid in improvement of career members.


Wealth is predominantly about you, how you think and the knowledge you have. All it takes to be wealthy is YOU. This program is designed to help you take those concerted steps.

This is the most spontaneous principle if only you will ACT NOW.

Presently, we are giving out great opportunity to help many people to start on a good ground through the online medium. It guaranty good returns and benefits because apart from the modules; you might gain also from our own turbocharged system of LEARN & EARN PROGRAM.

Caveat: We don’t teach get-rich-quick baseless concept of the lazy ones. If that’s what you are looking for we don’t have that. Our promise is to show you the certain way to financial freedom.

We are building a community of financial, business and investment conscious people who will grow the country’s economy and thereby create jobs in thousands. The wealth of our country is not in the government but the people. JBI Hub is a creation to provide information, contents and platform to help the people and you to achieve financial dreams easily.

As you subscribe, you have access to many modules for helping you improve on your finances, make money and get better while in business.

Post Covid-19 is a time Nigeria is going to witness unprecedented shift as an oil dependent nation to a productive nation. Nigeria has always been a self-sufficient nation before the Western Nation and crude oil came into Nigeria. We are going back to that era. Your participation will see you as a vital force in helping the country realize the earnest dream of transformation and personal financial freedom.

The most powerful tool in life is WORDS. Words create wealth and transformation of nations. Therefore, we have specially created information in written and audio format for you. The value is more than #50,000.00 if you make good use of the contents now.

The way the platform runs is that once you are registered, you become co-owner of our system having access to these personal development contents from time to time with the benefit of making money as co-owner and member. You also have the privilege to use the platform to promote whatever business or service you own since you will own a personalized webpage. Which means you can advertise, sell your programs and products and make money for yourself right here. Be involved today.

Benefits of Membership

  1. You are enlisted into our online Finance, Business and Wealth Creation Program (JBI Hub School) for self development in order to excel in business and financial matters.
  2. You can earn money by applying the principles in this program.

Some of our Contents

  1. Financial Literacy/Educations
  2. Shattering Your Belief
  3. How to create money
  4. The Rules to Abundance
  5. The principles of the Mega Brand
  6. Where the Money lies
  7. Motivations and Inspirations
  8. The Millionaire opportunities on JBI Hub

This is our unbelievable offer! #1,000 (One Thousand Naira)


This program can make you wealthy and very rich if carefully followed and understood. It is a model for unlocking wealth in a third world. Register with #1,000 through your association to participate in our Business, Financial & Wealth Program and have the privilege to participate in our LEARN & EARN PROGRAM. We are helping you to become financially free. Guaranty.

The cost of our Basic Wealth & Financial program is #1,000.00



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0040126306


NOTE: The basic program also gives you the privilege to list yourself under any categories on our pages:

  • Sign up businesses from various sectors: electronics, fashion, cars, real estate, agriculture, etc.
  • Sign up as job seekers
  • Sign up as trainers or service provider
  • Sign up premium services of new and existing merchants,
  • etc


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