Our mentoring program at the rate of #9,900 qualifies you for the Associate Program. This also applies to our programs on our website at

You have the privilege of leveraging out on many opportunities running on

  1. The most outstanding gain is access to our continuous peer to peer mentoring program.
  2. Opportunity to bigger stakes in our product designs beyond what is available at the basic level
  3. You have access to participate in our marketing campaigns from time to time. The gains could swell up to millions of naira through simplify designs.
  4. You could open yourself for enlarged opportunities through our diverse aggregation programs and investors-assisted funding if you’re involved in the business development network program.
  5. You have access to coupons for discount purchase on products displayed on the platform.
  6. You have opportunity to 20% discount of training and skills acquisition programs from our partners; both online and offline programs.
  7. You can sell/list your business, services, digital products, training, etc free of charge.
  8. Access to loans through our partners. The loans are expected to be used for business development.

Note: Your Basic and Associate (Mentoring) fees are nonrefundable. But your invested fund and dividend are fully yours.


We use the binary-based algorithm in running this platform commission. It is intended to encourage participation and referral; nothing more. Basically, the program registration is geared towards mentoring based on the contents of our Wealth, Finance and Business School program on a one-to-one.

When you invite someone then you activate your participation as a stakeholder in our social program which thereby gives you access to incomes, capital and growing investment dividends using the crowding principle.  YOU are expected to introduce a minimum of 2 persons before level 5 to unlock the full opportunities on this Social Enterprise platform (that is your major obligation) or follow our cooperative route. Any extra referral will cause a spillover.

You can ultimately become VIP shareholders once you get to level 10. At level 10, you continue to earn dividends monthly over and over again based on system computation.



Use your computer browser to view clearly or auto-rotate the phone horizontally (Minimum offer)

Level 1: 2/2 #600#1000
Level 2: 4/6 #1200#3,000
*Level 3: 8/14       #2,400   #5,000
Level 4: 16/30   
Level 5:               32/62      #9,600#15,000
Level 6:  64/126 #19,000#20,000
Level 7: 128/256 #38,400#30,000
Level 8: 256/512 Fan/Oven
Level 9: 512/1024 #153,600#200,000
Level 10: 1024/2048 Washing Machine#307,200#700,000

At Level 10, you have the option of donating #500,000 to continue earning plus shares or round up with #1million


Use your computer browser to view clearly or auto-rotate the phone horizontally (Minimum offer)

Level 1: 2/2 5,000
Level 2: 4/6 Television/Generator10,000#2,000,000
Level 3: 8/14 15,000#3,000,000
Level 4: 16/30 Farm Land (#1,000,000) 20,000#5,000,000
Level 5: 32/62 #10,000,000
Level 6: 64/ 126Car

If your performance continues to soar you could be open to possible funds from angel investors to as much as #30,000,000 loans (30million). The #30million investment is at the discretion of our organization.

Gift Incentives

Level 8: Fan/Oven

Level 10: Washing Machine

Flat Screen Television/Generator

Farm Land cultivated for your harvest

Car Gift or Cash Equivalent are made to those who personally invite a minimum of 50 people

More Opportunities

  • Empowerment Training/Mentoring Programs from time to time.
  • Opportunity to make millions from commission fees introducing our life essential goods to neighbours.
  • Make money selling from your own product shop
  • Converting your referrals from level 1 to level 10 into investment share at associate level for income earning from year to year.

Level 8: Land Gift worth #1,000,000

Car Gift of more than #10,000,000 worth

As you complete the 10th level, you create an unlimited stream of income:

  1. Referral Bonus
  2. Essential goods gifts as incentive
  3. Income through the quantity of products you are able to move as a distributor or from personal shop
  4. Loan Privileges
  5. Continuous dividend on growing shares upon completing 10th level

Earning is from platforms performance from time to time based on share values. The starting share value is N100 per share. The share value continues to grow with time as our investment grows. Become part-owner of JBI HUB, NIGERIA.

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