Creativity and Entrepreneurship Development Program

Are you unemployed?

Do you want to start your own business?


Are you ready to soar beyond the impossible to creatively invent the rest of your life?
We are bringing this again before the fee goes up by popular demand, join our business family.
Are you ready to awaken the entrepreneur within you?
Are you ready to invent a new company despite the fact that you may not even know how?
In order not to restrict to a particular location, we are bringing this seminar to your doorstep. Wherever you are, you are a beneficiary of this life changing seminar by our serial entrepreneurs.
You will learn these:
# Types of education to be financially successful
# Why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer
# The ingredients of successful businessmen
# Developing your most important business skill
# Home based business opportunities for everyone and  house wives 
# Businesses to be doing along with your paid job
# Leverage through partnership
# The concept of Multiple Sources of Income (MSI)
# Turn your passion into profit
# Create your business concept
# How to decide on the kind of business you should do
# Play 20 questions and discover what to venture into
# multiple business opportunities in Agriculture
# How to become number one in your market place
# Chase your passion not cash
# Enjoy making mistakes
# Think buyers not seller
# Business Leadership and management
# Three truth about money
# Over 100 business opportunities to be revealed
# How to start, grow and turn your business into a cash generating machine
# Online and offline business opportunities
# Sales training both online and offline
# Questions and Answer will be entertained during and after the Seminar
# And much more
Meet our serial entrepreneurs and resource persons:
# Amanda Stephen
# Alabi Babatunde
Venue: WhatsApp 
1. Free eBook titled: ‘Strategies of Starting and Growing Business’ 
2. Three guaranteed sources you can raise capital from more than #450,000 in a month
3. Analysis of the stories of 12 selected business legends and how you can emulate them: Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Aliko Dangote, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Ma, Bill Gate, MKO Abiola, Grant Cardone, Gani Fawehinmi, Paul Kruguma, Adebayo Ogunlesi and Donald Trump.
4. One month mentorship after training both chat and call.
5. A business idea which will guide you to establish within one month of mentorship.
6. We will reveal business you can earn at least #500,000 in a month. *GUARANTEED!* You will work the work to make it in this business. It is purely legitimate.
Read what our students say:
I can now start my own business from what I learnt. The seminar was full with useful guides which exposed me to many business opportunities. Chika
I have learnt to think outside the box. My hobbies should influence the kind of business I want to do. Sulaiman
I really appreciate the seminar and learned a lot from it. But I also need to think for the business to do. Fantami
The seminar is very educative. May Almighty Allah increase your knowledge and understanding. Bode
This is the best seminar ever attended on business. We want this to be organized in institution. You know what you are talking about. Thanks. Rasheed
1. Pay #2500
2. Then you will thereafter send your name to our WhatsApp enabled number.
3. We will immediately confirm your registration, send you an eBook and add you to training group.
100% money back guaranteed!
PS: Note that, this is not a get rich quick mentality or ponzi scheme, yet it is an exposition to the world of creativity and entrepreneurship which 
will permanently change your financial status. 
We have trained hundreds of people with success stories. Some are on mentorship bonus now.
The price will go up after this if we consider to hold another.
*No one has ever regretted attending our trainings!*
*See You At The Top*

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I believe I can help you. I have the pedigree in training individuals to create their own job by becoming self employed through my unique creativity and entrepreneurship program. This program was as a result of intense research into how great businesses began. One thing I realize is that great businesses out there were began by ordinary people like us who were determined.

I believe you are also ready to take the bull by the horn, create a winning business of your own.

The training can take both online and offline format. Which means you can be in any part of the world. And it is for individuals, groups and students.

I charge #2500 per session.

My Qualification: I am a member of Abuja Guide of Orator, Member Nigeria Institute of Management, an author , consultant and researcher per excellent.

For further information, Call me on: 07019608485

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