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If you see this NOW you will not pay the mandated fee of #100,000.00; you come in FREE. We are just launching this new design. But if you see this in the next 1year you will have to pay #100,000 to be a coordinator.

The more people you help to succeed in life, the wealthier you become when you work with the right system. This is what our program has to offer if you become a coordinator here.

Gamechangersnigeria. org and jbihubnigeria.com are the two websites interface serving the same objectives of building productive citizens and communities who will blaze the trail of pursuing personal freedom through various projects that will be launched over time. This dream was an offshoot of the book: The Game Changer for National Transformation.

Fundamental areas of our projects include leadership, capacity development, citizenship values and financial freedom projects through various club formations.

We have generated contents to be used in facilitating the programs and more contents will be made available with time.

We have three main levels of leadership:

                                                                                Entry Fee

Coordinators                                                      #100,000

Associates                                                           #20,000

Ambassadors                                                     #1000 – #2,000


Coordinators are to manage maximum of ten clubs. Potentially, a coordinator will become a millionaire with ease once you are able to set up a club successfully and this is replicated by your members. All you have to do is to set up a club. All the tools you will need are available only if you have an open heart; understanding how it works and the interest.

How do you earn income?

  1. Through membership registration for learning and development.
  2. Participation in economic activities at the club level
  3. Through income from our real estate products, farm estates and other services.

Inherent in our design is the capacity to replicate itself seamlessly without struggle. You are not expected to do any new thing than plant the first club within existing social organization and their influencers and watch it grow.

What we intend achieving is to create transformation through community driven initiatives; the bottom-up initiatives and not the government driven change. We have come to find out that economy of nations that are on upward trajectory depends on the citizens’ participation and contribution more than on government. America is rich because it has resourceful people that contribute to its economy in great ways; this is why many of the richest people on the planet earth come from there.

If we take the time to build resourceful people, the individual will progress financially. When the individual begin to define his or her financial freedom, the society will begin to heal from earlier moribund state.

Opportunity for Club Members:

  1. Learning and mentoring towards financial freedom
  2. Listing services and marketing services
  3. Social enterprise participation and privilege
  4. Fund aggregation through referral income
  5. Leadership development

For one-to-one mentoring as a coordinator Whatsapp me on my number – 08033750871. After this you will be granted a Coordinator’s Certificate to facilitate your role.

N.B.: The program/club is easy to setup and run… Your registration fee is FREE if you take advantage of this now.

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Author: The Game Changer for National Transformation

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