JBI Trainers shall be responsible for diverse training and empowerment programs whether online or offline, one-to-one or group; and it allows you to do your training in any convenient place whether in your shop, office, relaxation center, over the lunch, etc. We want skills and information that would help clusters of businesses or startups perform excellently.

If you have any skill you can teach/train/ impart/mentor others on, whether audio, video, online or offline; join us and earn money from it by selling it here. Courses or programs accepted here should be short which sells at #2,500 per unit program. You can make #100,000 and above during your next session.

If you know how to do anything, this is where to make money from it. Many people want to learn what you know. If you know how to do anything and want to share it, this is where you can make money from it.

Do you want to become a JBI trainer and make residual income from it? Then register today.

A JBI trainer is anybody with one skill area or the other, how to do anything, etc which can be offered as skill acquisition program to as many as possible. This program runs on JBI platform or directly from partner’s office or location.

Skills types include:

  1. Productivity training
  2. Business startups and entrepreneurship program
  3. website design
  4. computer related training like graphic designs, PowerPoint design, etc.
  5. E-commerce and Information development
  6. Games, e.g. How to play golf
  7. Real Estate
  8. Tailoring or fashion design work
  9. Automobile repair
  10. Chemical formulation e.g. Bar Soap Making or Liquid soap making, sanitizers, aftershave, cosmetics, hair products, disinfectants, etc,
  11. Photography business
  12. How to win love or build relationship
  13. Music/sound production
  14. Agriculture – animal production: e.g. poultry, fish farming, piggery,
  15. Agriculture – plant production: e.g. cassava, ginger, onion, etc
  16. Produce business
  17. Food processing
  18. Catering services, cakes and snacks making, etc.
  19. Tie and Dye
  20. Printing and Branding
  21. Animal feeds
  22. Waste recycling
  23. Importation business
  24. Forex, Stock trading and investment
  25. General investment training, etc

Find your own niche in which you can comfortably offer any training or teach someone a new skill; you may have other areas beyond what is listed above.

All you do is send:

  1. Your name
  2. Location
  3. State
  4. Field of expertise or whatever you think you can train people on
  5. Mode/Environment: online, offline, office, shop, etc.
  6. Training units: State your training fee. Per unit training is #2,500 which represents days or sessions, a 2-days training of #5,000 is 2 units training, a 30-day training of #20,000 is 8-units, etc.

Information required include features, descriptions, benefits of training, training outlines, price unit – duration, phone number, how to get the services across maybe one-to-one or joint JBI training platform, contact, etc.

List your training service or product and begin to make money, and we will edit and bring to life your unique shop page. After listing wait for us to review it before making public.

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