JBI Categorization


Basic Member (Silver)

Basic membership is the primal stage – the beginning stage for all members who want to benefit from opportunities beyond learning on JBI Hub platform. This stage admits you to enjoy many benefits which include belonging to a JBI Hub Social Enterprise Unit. You are admitted if only you refer anyone into any of our learning programs. Read more on ongoing promotion offer here.


Partners include content providers and trainers. They enjoy all the benefits of Basic Members such as individual verification, documentation and having priority listings. The registration fee is #2000.00 only. Check our priority listing here https://jbihubnigeria.com/priority-listing/

Gold Member

This shall constitute our ongoing subscribers to our business development and mentoring program who helps to refer others into our mentoring program. Being a Gold Members gives you an expanded opportunities on this platform.

Opportunities for Silver Members, Partners and Gold Members




PURCHASING Through Price control OR discount purchase.


Check the link here: Gold Membership Empowerment Program

Check the compensation plan here for Gold Members: Compensation

Senior Associate Member

These are JBI Hub partners and managers in different towns, cities and regions of Nigeria. They would see to the success of executing our models at their reach. You become a Senior Associate once you’ve helped at least 100 members to benefit or belong to any of the members categories.

Membership Benefits:

All the benefits of Basic & Gold Member status

Partnership Recognition Certificate

Financial benefits as Associate Member

Business Member

Business members shall constitute those with minimum of 6 members through their referral pairs and shall access loans and business mentoring supports from time to time. We will be offering supports especially the start ups, SMEs and local businesses in order to help businesses overcome the challenges of growth. 

Membership Benefits:

Mentor startups to become stable business system

Utilize our business model for creating or enlarging their businesses

Access our membership pool for high performing personnel for job placement

Have access to highly developed and researched business units

Have opportunity to receive investment supports and funding from investors.

Access to loan opportunities.

Investment Leaders

Investment Leaders shall have minimum of 250 members through his networks as members or invest personal fund of not less than #100,000 into JBI Hub platform.


Shall access investment tips, advice and supports

Access to profitable investment opportunities

Unlimited access to business listings, connection and interactions

Free participation to our prestigious business and investment events (once or twice a year)

Shall receive JBI prestigious award

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