Basic Membership program is our gateway to sustainable solutions for expanding the social enterprise community and for creating clusters of businesses which in turn will lead to job creation and investments in Nigeria.




This is the platform for those who want to go the extra mile to benefit from The primary benefit is granting you access to the Digital Wealth, Finance and Business Program.

This program is also dedicated to financing members through our funding model using our in-house empowerment network leverages. In addition, it is designed to enhance the marketing of our various programs because the success of any social enterprise hinges on numbers.

Our goal is to create benefits through social enterprise programs and projects.
It goes on with quality content for raising highly productive and empowered people in the nation. It is a nation-building project of  THE GAME CHANGER PROJECT, NIGERIA. As you progress through member-member social interaction you gain many opportunities such as income, loans, essential goods and investments. The opportunities ahead of you are dependent on your level of involvement.

This is an expanding design that offers sustainable solutions. By inviting 2 new members, you will further be qualified for other benefits as our social enterprise program member, which include:

  1. Raising your share value.
  2. Further Investment potential for adopted businesses in several millions
  3. Income through marketing participation
  4. Job/Employment Opportunity
  5. Cooperative membership (optional)
  6. Investment membership (optional)
  7. Opportunity to market and earn full income from our specialized goods.


Steps for proper listing

  1. Register Through This Link (find a sponsor username to use)