R & D

Research and Development (R and D) Department for Creating Thousands of Jobs

JBI HUB and Fireword Resources have developed many products for adoption for our social investment units. The essence of our R and D department is to create full blown products that could assist business development and employment of hundreds and thousands of Nigerians in due course with an end of creating sustained investment platforms for all.

Our products are high quality, developed over the years to compete with the best products by the big manufacturers. Samples are made available on request for interested group of individuals and organizations.

Our Social Investment Choices is looking into these main areas:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Real Estate
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Technology
  6. Assembly and tool production
  7. Manufacturing

What we do is not just give a hand-out but step-wise analysis of process and profitability which include as may be applicable: KPI, CCP, Workflow, Product Analysis, Process Control, Cost analysis, Profit-Risk analysis, labour cost, business and investment product development, employment and training services, business setup, marketing design and ongoing support.

What we intend doing with our R and D Department is to facilitate the creation of clustered businesses in every state and regions of Nigeria especially through membership participation to establish thriving businesses owned by individuals and social groups. This is a bottom-up concept that brings quality life to the grass-root, the low and middle class. Before now, Nigeria has been running a top-down business concept; this is the simple reason why the poverty line is high.

Note: Our Business concepts are made available to interested group of people who are ready to build large social business platforms which shall be capable of employing good numbers of employees. Our product design is much suitable to those who are ready to run mechanized, automated or standard system and help many Nigerians to get their own job right on this platform.

For effectiveness, we have decided to run our business and investment concept through the social enterprise system.

Our idea was borne on the principle of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship can be understood from the “Ants Model” whereby thousands of ants cluster together to bear a heavy load from one point to another. By coming together, people can achieve things they couldn’t achieve ordinarily. This is the same concept that aided Indian industrial revolution as reflected in their textile industrial sector.

The vision is to build Nigeria together and make Africa great by creating competing products, businesses, investments at global level.

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