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The online shopping mall is a product of designed by Fireword Resources as a unique platform for selling special goods to our members and the public. Thus, we tagged it “Easy Life Acquisition Program”. There is nothing like this before! So far we are evolving a unique member-to-member marketing system for quality and highly acceptable products at reasonable prices. This is a unique distribution system with top notch conceptualization with the aim of upsetting the existing system.

Easy Life Acquisition program is a social enterprise concept designed to create competitive marketing platform.

Qualification: The goods, products and services allowed here include

  • Those that have medium pricing
  • Affordable to the public
  • Gives allowance of minimum of 10% commission for sellers or members (the goods that gets to the consumers are those that makes many people rich in its distribution trails).
  • Readiness to supply clients goods on payment. Have a delivery system in place with defined coverage area.
  • Transactions complete upon satisfying the client/customer

Examples of goods: Phones, solar system, tablets, cars & vehicles, real estate (land, house, rent), professional services, etc.

If your goods could meet this conditions, then you are qualified to be enlisted as a seller on our online mall; this comes up after screening.

Phase 1: You make payment of #25,000.00 as registration and your product will be enlisted for a year (for now we are waving off payment on first product enlistment from your company). This opportunity is opened to the first 100 goods to come on-board. Once we have attained unto the registration of the first 100, we will roll out the marketing system to commence the 1 year count. You enjoy free publicity until we attained first 100 products – the 1 year starts counting when we have 100 products in the mall. To achieve the first 100 enlistment fast, we have reduced the entry fee for businesses who could dare believe in our tall dream.

Phase 2: Enlistment of products 101-500 will make registration at the rate of #50,000.00 to become a seller. This opportunity is opened for those who registered from product 101-500.

Phase 3: Above 500 products listed, to sell on online mall, you will have to register with #100,000.00.

Presently, we are still registering into the mall at the rate of #25,000. Your payment is toward the marketing system drive. This gives you the privilege of membership driven marketing with a payment gateway. Join us now as we evolve into a higher form.

Buy into the BIG dream today!

Make payment here to join the Online Mall

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