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A bank is a broker between the poor and the rich.

The only place where the poor and the rich meet is in a bank. The poor bring the money, through saving, and the rich take it, through borrowing. Poor people save money because they have more money than their thinking capacity. So they keep the money in the bank so they can go and think what to do with the money they have saved. Drops of water make the mighty ocean; the accumulation of poor people’s money in banks constitutes the billions in banks.

On the other side, the rich people come to pick that money, through borrowing, because they have more ideas than the money they have. On a practical side, please show me one billionaire who got rich through saving and I will show you a million Nigerians who have money saved in the banks and are still renting the houses that the Millionaires and billionaires build through the poor people’s savings which the rich borrowed from a bank.

Critical thinking makes us understand that the bank is an appendage of the rich; it serves the rich than it does the poor. Until the poor begin to do what the rich do and become creative in pulling up their own kind of investments, the yawning gap between the rich and the poor will keep getting wide.

This is one of the reasons you must not save merely for saving sake but rather save to invest. At we develop investment platforms for all. It is time you cause your money to begin to work for you.


Our idea was borne on the principle of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship can be understood from the “Ants Model” whereby thousands of ants cluster together to bear a heavy load from one point to another. By coming together, people can achieve things they couldn’t achieve ordinarily. This is the same concept that aided the Indian Industrial Revolution as reflected in their textile industrial sector.

JBI Hub is a platform for the Nigerian workforce, businesses and investors to mutually take care of their own welfare in diverse ways, especially financially. This is why you need to join us. We collaborate in order to create an expanded income system through enhanced productivity and effective utilization of invested funds through an open collaborative system to create unprecedented returns on investments.

Here investors by using our models carefully choose businesses to invest into and thereby enhance and create clusters of businesses which afterwards unlock job creation.

The system is open, collaborative and engaging for all members.

  • Openness: Nothing is hidden from members on how their money is deployed towards investments.
  • Collaborative: Every member is given the privilege to contribute and take ownership. Members have equal power and decision-making capability in proportion to the equity base.
  • Engaging: The system is involving and thus allows members to decide on what is done with their money and choices of investments based on carefully analyzed investment product design.

JBI Hub was created to offer lasting answers which the government and the aristocratic systems failed to answer. The government takes the power and wealth of the nation to the centre; in the same light, the rich aristocrats and business people concentrate wealth around themselves. But JBI hub, Nigeria through the innovation of social investments will for once bring power closer to the people; this is the real concept of decentralization, restructuring, and redistribution of wealth that can make a meaningful impact on the average Nigerian.

Instead of sweeping funds to the commercial banks and the Central bank for the take by the super-rich, the wealth is directed to ventures and enterprises owned by the workers, income earners and regular Nigerians. Every dime and fund of the average person out there are being deployed to serve the rich who take loans and return back paltry interests on the loans; this is why interests on savings accounts are often in the single digits. This must change, starting with you.

The new system is to create direct wealth into the hands of members, ensuring maximum output exceeding whatever interest their saved cash in the bank would yield. Social enterprises and investments help you to best utilize your funds for maximum returns.

Another important reason why the social investment system is an emerging concept for coming into abundance is this: by pooling resources, one can participate in the business of the very rich as each member of the social investment earns a good return on his equity.

The idea is to create clusters of independent business ventures and investment platforms; it is an emerging concept whereby low-income earners, businesses, workers, investors, etc come together to build a common platform, leveraging on each others’ resources to compete favourably with the giants in the industry.

JBI Hub is a way of engaging Nigerian citizens in their own wealth creation by creating mega platforms that reduce the production inputs in order to have a reasonable output in the form of Return on Investment (R.O.I.).


  1. Financial freedom education on a continuous basis.
  2. Creating practical financial freedom programs to help members leave the rat race.
  3. Creating a financial pool geared purely towards investments, based on mutual agreement.
  4. Job opportunities for members and families based on qualification, expertise and ability in our next level growth season.
  5. Income in the form of dividends or Return on Investment.


It is time we wake up and realize that our continual growth and relevance are not in the hands of the government but in our collaborations through social entrepreneurship towards job creation, businesses and investment development at the mega level. Nations like India, South Korea and China break through underdevelopment by engaging the citizens directly in production programs.

JBI Hub and Fireword Resources are out to offer such a program firstly as a social intervention program to help the populace; and as many as will be interested.

In addition, JBI Hub Nigeria has among its objectives the plan to provide more than 10,000 direct jobs with time for Nigerians and thousands of cluster businesses by catalyzing the growth of the nation’s economy through the investment initiated by the basic social investment units.

Social entrepreneurship is the secret to solving myriads of national problems relating to the economy, investment, business growth and joblessness in the most seamless manner.


In the last few years, Nigeria has witnessed many financial scams; some of these investment scams originated from International borders to siphon our resources, especially from the coffer of the common man.

Some of these investments include:

  1. Wonder banks
  2. MMM
  3. Most MLM (Multi-level Marketing)
  4. HYIP (High Yielding Investment Program)
  5. Ponzi Schemes
  6. And most recent bubble burst of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

This is one of the main reasons JBI Hub was created, as an alternative financial solution and investment system to protect people’s incomes, earnings and finances from unscrupulous investment deals by engaging the subscriber in decision-making all the way:

  1. Your money remains yours and can be withdrawn when needed
  2. No member has exclusive control over the system, every member has an equal vote based on equity.
  3. There is proper monitoring from JBI and Fireword to avoid derailment from the objective of creating true investment for all.
  4. The investment will be within the system, so no one is taking your money away, and you have the privilege of visiting or checking on performance.
  5. No fund is transferred offshore from the unit social investment platform except on special and mutually agreed investments.
  6. Executives and management teams are within your Social Investment unit.
  7. Your money is retained within your midst i.e. it is not coming to Fireword Resources or JBI but in our common cooperative registered domain. So no exchange of money. We offer consultancy on stabilizing (overseeing) the investment for maximum R.O.I.

Note: The Social Investment Units will be the main driver of the Job and Business side of JBI Hub. 


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